Business Ethics

Compliance with Laws & Regulations

All employees are responsible for following the laws and regulations as well as the rules, values and principles outlined in the Company’s Code of Conduct. We ensure that all our employees are familiar with the laws, regulations, best business practice and the compulsory ethical behavior which is vital for being a Colmex Pro employee.


During the daily business activities, employees are privileged to client information relating to account details, trade practices and patterns, fees and revenues, marketing practices etc. Employees are obliged to keep this information confidential They are not permitted to disclose this information to any third-party unless they are legally permitted to do so.

business ethics

Protection of Funds

A good way to judge a firm's financial integrity is by its reputation and the commitment it shows to its clients through its services, business decisions and operations.
Attention should be taken before selecting a stock broker so investors should look carefully at how brokers operate, making sure their funds are looked after.
Maintaining the security of your funds is of pivotal importance for Colmex Pro, hence, we take steps in order to safeguard our clients’ funds. For this purpose, we keep records and accounts in order to enable us at any time and without delay to distinguish the assets held for you from assets held for any other client and from our own assets. Clients’ funds are deposited at a reputable bank and held in an account identified separately from accounts used to hold funds belonging to Colmex Pro. We conduct regular reconciliations between our internal accounts and the accounts of our Execution Venues, as stated in Colmex Pro contract.
We are grateful for the confidence our clients have in us and we do all within our powers to maintain a high level of protection of their funds at all times.


Colmex Pro is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund (hereinafter called the “Fund”). The objective of the Fund is to secure any claims of covered clients against members of the Fund. The main essence of the Fund is to compensate covered clients for any claims arising from the malfunction by a member of the Fund to fulfill its obligations despite whether that obligation arises from legislation, the client agreement or from wrongdoing on the part of the member of the Fund. The amount of payable compensation to each covered client is up to €20.000 and is subject to the set-off rules.

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