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The stock market has its own language, but we’ll help you learn the basics everyone should know. We believe that a knowledgeable trader is a better investor.

Wall Street in New York City is the world’s center for trading. However, one can successfully trade stocks from anywhere in the world. That’s where we come in.

The stock market is also known as the “equity market,” where stocks are issued and traded, either through over-the-counter markets, OTC for short, or through exchanges.

trading stocks

A stock is also known as a share or equity. It represents a claim on a portion of the assets and earnings of a corporation. Owners of these stocks are known as shareholders and are considered co-owners of a company. Therefore, the more stock of a company you own, the greater your shares, or ownership, of that company. Shareholders can then trade or sell off their shares of a company, in order to make a potential profit.

Now that you know the basics, why should you trade stocks with ColmexPro?

ColmexPro offers some of the best benefits you’ll find in a financial firm. Some of them include:

Up to 1:5 Leverage — In trading, leverage is considered something of a loan. For instance, in Colmex’s case, leverage of 1:5 means that for each dollar in your account, you can trade $5 worth of stock.

Centralized location —Located at the crossroads of Europe and through a network of global counter-parties, Colmex is well-positioned to provide our clients with fast and reliable transactions, all while keeping your assets safe.

Protected accounts — You can rest assured that your money is safe with Colmex.

No shorting restrictions —Colmex has no restrictions on short selling, meaning that you can trade, penalty-free with no worries.

Largest liquidity in the market —Colmex makes trading easy with the largest liquidity you can find in the European market!

Trading on IPOs —IPOs, or initial public offerings, became popular during the dotcom era in the 1990s. Many techies became rich overnight from their internet companies’ IPOs. These initial stock options make it possible for the average investor to make a profit after investing in the stock of a newly formed company, based on its IPO. Colmex offers the ability to trade on IPOs—thereby making it possible for you to make your own fortune!

Education opportunities — Colmex offers several online tutorials on its site, making it possible for new investors to learn how to trade.

Instant execution — Colmex will execute your trades at the best available price, meaning there’ll be no chasing stocks. Your trades can be made easily with just the click of a button.

Transparency — We are committed to maintaining a transparent infrastructure, thereby ensuring that our investors are kept protected.

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Trading in financial instruments involves risks and you may lose your entire investment