Code of Conduct

The Code of Business Values and Employee conduct introduces the ethics and standards which have been set for the company, directors and employees. We abide this Code of Conduct in order to deter any wrongdoing by the above three parties

Loyalty to the Code is imperative and failure to comply by any employee may result in disciplinary action or warning.

At Colmex Pro, we adhere to the governing laws and regulations and obey those standards.

code of conduct

Colmex Pro Ltd (Colmex Pro) is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC License No. 123/10). The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) enforces the laws and regulations which govern dealing in transactions with Securities, financial contracts for difference and other financial instruments. The Cyprus Regulatory Framework is considered to be one of the most stringent for investor protection.

Compliance, professionalism and integrity come before profit.

Colmex Pro Code of Conduct revolves around the notions of

  • Observance to the principles of good faith, fair business conduct and protection of customer interests
  • Due skill, professional care and diligence in the conduct of business activities and application of internal procedures
  • Provision of information to the customers during the negotiation stage
  • Sufficient Information about customers (KYC)
  • Avoidance and proper management of conflicts of interest
  • General Compliance with the provisions that govern the exercise of a CIF’s activities

For a more detailed approach and information regarding Colmex Pro’ Code of Conduct, please contact our Compliance department.

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