Colmex Pro Ltd (hereinafter called the “Company” or “Colmex Pro”) is a financial services Company incorporated and registered under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus under Incorporation No. 260064, having its registered office at 117 Makariou III Avenue & Sissifou (ex Lefkosias-Limnazousas) Street, Quarter of Apostoloi Petrou & Pavlou, 3021 Limassol, Cyprus, (contact number + (357) 25-030036, Email: [email protected]. The Company is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (‘‘CySEC”), under license no. 123/10 to provide investment services through its electronic system, via Internet.

Participation in this Promotion (hereinafter called the ‘‘Promotion’’) is subject to the present Terms and Conditions, as well as the Company’s standardized Terms and Conditions which govern its contractual relationship with its clients.

1. The promotion

This Promotion is applicable to clients of the Company who refer friends to open an equities’ account with Colmex Pro. These clients may be entitled to receive in their trading account a referral bonus as per the Section 2(v) of the Terms and Conditions.

2. Terms of participation

i. The Promotion is available to all clients holding an equities’ trading account with the Company.

ii. The referred friend (hereinafter called ‘‘the referee’’) must within three (3) months, from the day of the referral, open an equities’ trading account with the Company and deposit as a minimum the amount of $2000 through one or more deposits. The account of the referee must stay active for at least thirty (30) days, starting on the day the referee deposits $2000 in total. During this period, the referee must trade at least one time.

iii. It is hereby clarified that the opening of a trading account with the Company is subject to the Company’s registration process and internal procedures, as in force and/or as these may be amended from time to time, including successfully passing the Company’s appropriateness test, being within the Company’s positive target market and being approved as the Company’s client.

iv. Only existing clients of the Company who accepted the present Terms and Conditions will be able to enjoy this Promotion.

v. The client will receive a referral bonus for each one referee, referred within one calendar month, provided that, the conditions described section 2(ii) of the present Promotion’s Terms and Conditions above are fulfilled, according to the bonus amounts presented in the table below herein. For Example, a client will receive $100 for one (1) referee within one calendar month, $250 for two (2) referees within one calendar month, $450 for three (3) referees within one calendar month. If a client refers more than three (3) referees within one calendar month, he/she will receive an additional bonus amount of $200 for each one referred within the same calendar month.

The referral bonus is presented in the following table:

No. of referred clients
within one (1) calendar month
Bonus amount
1st referee $100
2nd referee $150
3rd referee or more $200 for each one

vi. The Company reserves the right to amend/vary the terms and to withdraw referral schemes and promotions at any time.

Colmex Pro Ltd is licensed and supervised by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), using license number 123/10. Trading in securities and/or the use of leverage entails a high risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Before you decide to trade in the financial products offered by the Company, you must carefully examine your goals, your financial situation, your needs and your level of experience, read and understand the terms and conditions and reservations of the Company.