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You can apply for an account with Colmex Pro and begin trading in the worldwide market with just a few easy steps. All you have to do is choose which of our four account offerings best fits your needs, fill out the online application form, and don’t forget to review the legal document requirements.

That’s it … just click submit and you’re done! Isn’t it time to get started on your future by trading with Colmex Pro?

Platform and service offerings:

Live Equities/CFD on Equities

When deciding which account(s) to choose, consider Colmex Pro Live Equities/CFD on Equities. For starters, you might be wondering what CFDs are. In short, CFD stands for contracts for difference, meaning that investors are allowed to trade a variety of products or commodities without having to own or purchase them. CFDs are becoming more popular among investors, since they also offer the added benefit of leverage. Colmex offers a healthy leverage of up to 1:5. In addition, trading CFDs allows you to diversify your portfolio. A Colmex Pro CFD account can be started right away, with the required $2000 minimum deposit (for Equity account you will need a minimum deposit of $3,000).


Live Forex Account

Use our advanced technology platforms to trade in the largest market in the world, the Live Forex. With your Live Forex account, you can trade at a competitive and transparent level, with endless market depth. Also, don’t forget the added benefits of our phone dealing desk and live support, always ready to help with all of your questions and guide you through the process. With that you also receive tight spreads from 0.3 pips, market leading prices with fractional pricing, flexible leverage options, rapid execution, trade the lot size you want, as well as EA’s and HFT.


Colmex Pro Pricing

Sign for Colmex Pro Live Equities/CFD on Equities and trade today

  • $2000 Minimum deposit ($3000 for Equities trading)
  • No ECN or Sec fees for CFD trading (ECN and Sec fees applies for Equities trading)
  • Overnight daily margin interest of 0.026% apply

How to open account

Colmex Pro offers a quick and easy registration process for new customers. The quick registration screen on our homepage requires that you enter your email address. Click “Start Now,” and you’ll receive an email with further instructions for setting up your free account. It’s as easy as that.


Demo CFD

It is said that experience is the father of wisdom; so it is time to take advantage of our Colmex Pro 14-day demo account and start experiencing it for yourself. Our demo equities account ensures that you are able to get the in-depth learning experience in live equities that you need to make the most of your investments.


Demo Forex

Use our demo account to train with real quotes. This is the best place for you to test and come up with different trading strategies to best suit you and hone your skills under real market conditions. The best part is, there is no risk or obligation during your demo! We encourage you to explore and learn to perfect your skills as much as you would like, so that you can benefit most when you launch into market trading with your Live Forex account with us.


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